Earth and Barrow Brings Pure Poultry to Hong Kong ‘Nature Farmed’ Organic Chicken Now available in Asia
Nutritious, delicious, authentic and sustainable food. That’s what consumers want and that’s the guiding philosophy behind Earth and Barrow’s Nature Farmed poultry launching in Hong Kong this month.
Over 21.5bn chickens are reared for food globally each year. Most animals intensively farmed[i]. Each year more consumers are saying ‘no’ to forced farming by choosing free range or organic but many still don’t realise even these ‘healthier’ options may not protect us from serving up a side order of medication, additives and colourings through our food.
Earth and Barrow chicken is deliciously different. Earth and Barrow works with one of the world’s only ‘Certified Humane Raised and Handled®’ farms where being ‘Organic Certified’ is just the beginning! In order to improve quality of life for the bird, and the wider environment, our farmers protect natural diversity and biological balance above all:
  • No fertilisers are used - keeping soil and water supply unpolluted
  • No pesticides or herbicides in the 100% plant based animal feed
  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • No artificial ingredients whatsoever
  • Animals free to roam and forage
  • Naturally 100% organic
“Good eating is about food that is fresh, tasty and healthy but that also makes you feel good knowing that the animal and its environment have been respected,” says Beth Bremner Co-Founder of Earth and Barrow.
“Nature Farming has been around for millennia but was agriculturalised in Japan in 1930s to solve the problems caused by mass farming methods. It’s taken a long time but now the rest of the world understands the importance of how we source food and the impact it has on our environment. We all want reassurance we’re being provided with the best product available, and this is what Earth and Barrow delivers.”
The launch of Earth and Barrow Nature Farmed chicken in Asia marks a pivotal time in the food industry and embodies three of 2016-17 Top Food Trends; natural ingredients, minimal processing and environmentally sustainable methods[ii]. 
The Earth and Barrow range includes whole chickens and Individually Quick Frozen Cuts for complete versatility in the kitchen.  Find the Earth and Barrow range at any of the following Park n Shop stores: Festival Walk, Cyberport, Great Food Hall, Stanley Plaza, Discovery Bay, Parkview, Celestial Heights, Garden Road, Clearwater Bay, Olympian City, New Hopewell Centre, Ma On Shan II, Centro, Metro Town, Hong Lok Yuen, Baguio Villas, Royal Ascot, Jardine’s Lookout, Citygate Superstore, Sing Woo Road. 

[i] UN Global Livestock Production & Health Atlas

[ii] What’s Hot Culinary Forecast – National Restaurant Association

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Earth and Barrow’s experts shed light on the recent South American meat scandal
Ban lifted on Brazilian meat imports
On Sunday, Hong Kong’s Centre for Food Safety lifted the temporary ban on imports of Brazilian chicken and beef into the SAR following a 6 day suspension of trade over concerns of corruption and faulty inspection processes. The reversal comes as a huge relief to the Brazilian meat and poultry industry as Hong Kong and China are two of its biggest importers worldwide, accounting for well over $1billion[i] in annual revenue. Earth & Barrow, Asia’s only accredited organic Brazilian poultry importer, now sheds light on what this means for consumer confidence in Brazilian meat and what the region’s premium producers hope will be the long-term outcome of this scandal.
Consumers place trust in premium products
Brazil is home to the world’s largest poultry producing companies[ii]. Although the recent scandal involved only a handful of these plants, primarily in one region of the country, the credibility and trustworthiness of Brazil’s entire poultry industry has been brought into question in the mind of the world’s consumer:
“Naturally, we are very pleased the temporary ban has been lifted,” comments Beth Bremner from Earth & Barrow. “However, consumer confidence in Brazilian poultry has been rocked in the last fortnight. As one of Brazil’s growing number of small-scale Accredited Organic poultry producers, we will be lobbying Brazil’s mass manufacturers to use this setback as an opportunity to make positive changes in their processes.
She continued: “We strongly believe that what’s best for the industry, for the environment and most importantly for the consumer over the longer term, is for Brazil’s large-scale producers to adopt more of the stringent standards and independent testing we live by in the ‘niche’ organic market. Right now, only producers such as Earth and Barrow, can guarantee 100% reliability and that’s because of our commitment to standards at every stage of the rearing, slaughtering and packaging process. We believe in the benefits of certification: our chickens are Humane Farmed certified, which means that our farm practises the highest level of animal husbandry in looking after our flock. We are also Organic Certified which means not only are our chickens raised on organic feed, they are never subjected to antibiotics, hormones or any other artificial stimulant.
“We hope other independent producers will join our quest for better accountability across the wider industry and feel confident that with the support of Hong Kong consumers choosing to buy Brazilian Accredited Organic poultry, large-scale producers will listen.”
What HK consumers need to know:
  • On Monday 20th March, HK authorities imposed a temporary ban on all frozen and chilled Brazilian beef and poultry into the region.
  • The precautionary decision was made following allegations that two of Brazil’s largest meat packers - BRF (owners of the SADIA and PERDIGAO brands) and JBS (SEARA brand) - had corrupted SIF officials (Ministry of Agriculture) in some regions (namely Parana State). The alleged bribery was designed to acquire production and export licenses, and to make inspections less frequent.
  • BRF denies these allegations.
  • Both Wellcome and ParknShop withdrew all fresh and frozen Brazilian meat and poultry from the shelves, sending samples for testing.
  • Hong Kong’s Centre for Food Safety confirms in the last 3 years all Brazilian meat and poultry samples have passed inspection tests (total of 17,060).
  • On Sunday 26h March, Hong Kong and Chinese authorities lift the widespread ban on Brazilian meat and poultry.
  • Out of Brazil’s 4,837 SIF registered meat and poultry facilities, 21 are subject to the ongoing corruption investigation and therefore remain under the temporary ban.
[i] SCMP, 23/3/17- In 2016, China imported US$859millon of chicken and Hong Kong imported US$718m of beef.
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