We are Asia’s number one specialist supplier of 100% pure Nature Farmed chicken; arguably the juiciest, most delicious chicken on the market today.
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We champion the traditional farming values of Nature Farming to guarantee the highest levels of animal husbandry, as well as impeccable safety standards and product quality year round. Thanks to our responsible, humane and sustainable approach we help retailers meet the ever-growing demand for an authentic, safe and pure food product.


Not all chicken is created equal! Distinct from most chicken sold worldwide; our birds represent the antithesis of mass production.  All our meat is reared exclusively to order for our retail partners. Unlike any other chicken on the market, including standard organic, the birds are 100% additive, hormone and medication free, and enjoy a 100% meat free diet throughout their life. This is thanks to our unique business relationship with Korin, the world’s only commercial Nature Farm with ‘Certified Humane’ accreditation.


Whether you want whole chickens, or a range of Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) cuts for ease of storage and versatile consumption, our poultry comes with USDA recognised organic certification as standard.


What is Nature Farming?

Unlike modern farming with its focus on mass production, speed and uniformity, Nature Farming is based on traditional agriculture techniques. Originating in Japan in the 1930s, its guiding principles are designed to capture the inherent delicious taste and pro-health qualities of the food, whilst preserving the environment for long-term sustainable production.


Our chicken is ‘beyond organic’, earning it a place at the peak of poultry production. It is:

  • 100% antibiotic free

  • 100% hormone free

  • 100% free from pesticides / herbicides in soil and feed

  • 100% vegetarian diet

  • 100% free-range for lifecycle

  • Certified 100% organic from "egg to plate”

  • Raised under certified Humane Treatment conditions for lifecycle

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