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Certified organic.


No antibiotics.


No hormones.


100% plant based feed.


No artificial ingredients whatsoever.


No pesticides or herbicides used in the soil or the feed.


Certified Humane.

Nature Farmed.

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We supply Asia with the only accredited 100% pure poultry farmed worldwide. The birds are raised in a natural environment with wholesome, nutrient rich water, soil and air. Thanks to their optimal nutritional diet and environment they grow strong and vital producing a safe, naturally flavor-rich food far superior to anything a chemical heavy or industrial farming process can. Arguably, the superior taste makes ours the ‘wagyu’ of chicken.

About Us

In this globalized world, we regularly eat food that comes from all over the planet. Feeling confident about the quality and safety of our food has never been more important.

When you buy Earth and Barrow foods for your family, you can be sure that no chemicals, antibiotics or anything else unnatural has been used in the farming process.  We farm the old fashioned way: responsible, humane and sustainable. 

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